Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Strayer Blackhawk, the most unlucky thief

Well, a couple of days go by.  Busier than I thought I'd be.  So, here I am.  As promised, finally.

Strayer Blackhawk was a thief in the land of Perenia.  He left home with a partially filled backpack and two throwing axes.  He met up with a band of the most unlikely of characters, an amazon, a viking berserker type, a fastidiously clean elven poof and a healer.

One of the first things that happened was while trying to recover this locked treasure box he released a poison needle trap that nearly killed him.  If it weren't for the healer being nearby he'd have died.  That was the first time he'd trigger a trap, but it certainly wasn't his last.

Then at one point his party was running quite low on food.  Sustenance we need they said, so sustenance is what he sought for the group.  In traipsing through the forest he spotted a couple of squirrels nearby to each other.  He had his axes at the ready.  He squinted his eyes and took aim letting the axes fly.  Boy did the axes fly, they flew fast and right on target.  Would the axes hit blunt or blade that was the question?  Well, upon eyes wide open the blades hit them both and made mince meat out of the squirrels, rendering them inedible to say the least.

Lastly, they came upon this town that happened to be infested by ghouls that an evil mage had unleashed against it's citizens.  After a time of battling these monsters they discovered the source that controlled these undead creatures and it was through this ruby that was in the mages possession.  They steal the ruby but the fun keeps happening....er, the ghouls keeps coming.  It took awhile to figure out that the ruby must be destroyed, but by touching it bare-handed the ghouls find their way back to it.  Strayer actually is the one to discover this, but it's too late as the healer sets it off again.  Strayer isn't able to get to the healer or the ruby in time.

Does the case of the ruby fed ghouls spell the end of our intrepid heros?  Find out...sometime!!!

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