Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wacky Wednesday post

Well, here I am finally in Camp Kukamonga....Ok, ok, actually, just on vacation up in Estes Park, CO. and having a blast.  I use to live up here and have a huge connection to Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Lake on the west side of the park. So, a lot of fond memories have been shared with my parents and I!!!  It's been busy here, but also before getting here with work.  Anyhow, tomorrow is going to be our easy going, no planned day and I'll probably write some.  There will be a couple of more days on this trip that I'll also have a chance to write.  When I have more of a chance I'll write another post on the topic of writing.  Not sure what it'll be yet and probably won't decide that until I get to writing it.  So, with that being said I am dedicating tonight's post to wacky stuff and trivia!!!

1. Reno, Nevada is west of Los Angeles, California!!!
2. This day in history, 1948 is the founding of the Republic of South Korea and is known as Gwangbokjeol day.
3. This day is also the day in 1969 when the Woodstock Music and Art Festival.
4. Napoleon was born in 1769, Julia Child in 1912 and Ben Affleck in 1972 on this day.

Joke of the day:  Men are like pillows.  Eventually, even the best ones get soft and lumpy.

Ok, here's one that's a true story, a bit funny and yet sad.  There are a ton of elk that live in Estes Park.  One of the male elk has a strand of Christmas lights dangling from his huge rack of horns.  We're not sure how long they have been wrapped around them, but he wanders the town with them.

Another fun(ny) thing that has come out of this trip.  This week is the week that one of my mom's ex-bosses is retiring from being the head of a private charter school and we've been up here to celebrate with him at the school.  One of the topics of conversation that has gone on is about my parents reconnecting.  My parents had been married for 20 years and then divorced for 25 years or so.  Now they have been back together for a year.  One of my mom's co-workers commented on the fact that it's kind of PC and said that their being a couple again is like recycling and thus has become a green relationship!!!


  1. omg lol! Your mom and dad are so eco friendly! XD That's just silly, but cute.

  2. Sounds like a nice trip, I'm itching to get away and spend some time alone with my writing :)

  3. Thanks Mel and Charmaine,

    It was a nice trip, but sadly didn't really get a chance to do a lot of writing. I think I kind of hit a bit of a stumbling block. Right now, I'm looking at Wednesday as my next day to concentrate on writing.