Friday, August 31, 2012

The Alphabet Game

Hiyas everyone,

I don't actually have a lot of time to write this afternoon, but I at least wanted to post something.  So, here's something. :P  I've been thinking for a couple of days now of what I'd like to post on my next few blogs and I thought I'd write something along the lines of the Alphabet Game.  A is for apple and so get the idea, but instead of it being as simple as that each letter will have something to do with my writing or something out of my life.

So, the first two letters:

A is for animals.  The other day I was heading off for work and before I left the house, I saw four hawks hitting the wind currents.  They soared above the house and I rushed back into the house calling out for my parents to come witness this spectacle.  When we returned we could also hear the hawks crying out to their mates near them.  We watched for as long as we could and soon they had reached such height as to be barely visible to the naked eye.  It was an awesome sight to behold.  Seeing them grouped together like that is one thing around Tucson that can't be beat any time soon.  It did make me go into my world though and think about a possible scene to be played out in my writing.

B is for busy.  In my last post I had mentioned something about being in Colorado for vacation.  I have not had a day with my just being home the whole time since at least a couple of days before the trip and next Wednesday is probably the next time I'll have that chance in the future.  In few minutes in fact, I'll be heading up to Phoenix for a meeting.  I would love to have a moment of down time sooner than Wednesday, but t'ain't gonna happen.

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  1. Hi, Lynn -- I really like your ideas of going alphabetical. I loved your writing about the hawks. What a privilege. What a gift! I was so glad you called us out to see them.