Thursday, August 2, 2012

What gets the juices flowing

Hiyas again,

Yesterday, I went up to Mount Lemmon in the Catalina Mountains, just outside of Tucson, Arizona, near where I live.  I have a couple of favorite places that I like to go up to if it's right to do so.  One is just past Summer Haven and a couple of places lower down towards the base that my best friend and I use to go to (if it's not too hot).  I found a new spot that is kind of in between.  It was nice and cool in the shade with plenty of trees and mountain side.  It's a picnic area and may have been created during the times of the CCC as a lot of places in the area have been built by them back in the 30's.  It has several rock walls that provide enclosures for picnic tables as well as retarding erosion.  It got me thinking about my book that I'm working on and the ruins that I'm going to be writing about.  It allowed me to describe how I saw the ruins in terms of terrain and what sort of animals lived there.  Are there any places that you go to to find inspiration?  Also what sorts of other things get your juices flowing to be able to sit down and write?  I know for me while I am at home I like to listen to certain music.  And depending on what I'm writing about, I'll watch certain movies or tv programs or I'll play certain games.  I'll do this especially if I am writing either fantasy or science fiction.

Well, guess that's all for now.  Tomorrow or sometime within the next couple of days I'll write about Strayer, the most unluckiest of theives.

P.s. In haste, I didn't do a very good job writing and editing this post...So, I'm actually going to do some editing this morning.

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